Sunday, March 13, 2011

Destry Rides Again, Grade B+

Director George Marshall
Awards: Not that I know of--but it could be said it is deserving of some

Cast: Marlene Dietrich; James Stewart; Mischa Auer; Charles Winninger; Brian Donleay; Allen Jenkins; Warren Hymer; Irene Hervey; Una Merkel; Billy Gilbert; Samuel S Hinds; Jack Carson; Tom Fadden; Virginai Brissac; Edmund MacDonald
Jimmy Stewart stars as Tom Destry, a tough lawman who believe in 'THE LAW' and who doesn't like guns.  His arrival in the town of BOTTLENECK could pose a problem when a saloon owner (Brian Donleay) and a corrupt mayor plan to rob the local cowpokes blind, with the help of crooked waitress "Frenchy" (Marlene Dietrich). 
sez says: this is a wildly entertaining movie, it takes unexpected twist and turns--esp when it comes to the role of women in this community.  There is a scene like no other I have ever seen in an American  western of this era--in which two women get in a knock-down drag-em-out fight in a bar room and it is not little tiff.  It is a full scale bar fight. Wild! ANd in the end, when the men begin shooting it out, the women march in, with brooms and sticks and rakes and put an end to the shooting (men won't shoot at women, evidently) and become the deciding force in the battle.
That "Destry" wants to uphold the law without guns is a progressive concept--but it falls apart when at last shooting is required.  So much for high-minded ideas.
The acting is fun too. I'm not big fan of Dietrich style:  but I can appreciate her role in film and find her fascinating to watch (plus she has a couple really snazzy costumes in this film!) Jimmy Stewart is fun and a perfect casting for Tom Destry.
Really enjoyable all round and recommended

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